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September 21, 2015, 12:00 AM

Posadas Ordination & Ministry Update

September 21, 2015 Missionary Update & Ordination photos

In addition of the women's discipleship meeting on Monday, ladies from the group met again in the home of Sayra Posadas to celebrate sister Carla’s birthday.  The ladies enjoyed homemade Honduran food and had a good time of fellowship.  Carla was very encouraged as she did not expect the outpouring of love from her fellow disciples.  It was the first time that anybody held a birthday celebration for her.  Each of the ladies brought her a birthday present, and Carla was so grateful.

Sunday afternoon we had a joint meeting with the Berean Baptist Church.  The church extended its support to the mission by hosting the formal Ordination of Juan Carlos Posadas as a servant of the Lord.  Friends of the Posadas family and guests from El Faro Baptist Church and Gran Comisión Baptist Church came to witness the Ordination.

The Ordination Ceremony was moderated by Berean Baptist Church Pastor David Webb.  Brother Michael Hight was the presbytery designee to conduct an interview of the Posadas to demonstrate their faith and doctrine.  The interview questions began with Sayra Posadas, who gave her personal testimony and full support for the ministry that God has entrusted to her husband.

Next Pastor Juan Carlos Posadas shared his testimony and answered questions that demonstrated key aspects of his faith and sound doctrine. The presbytery and church unanimously approved the ordination of Pastor Juan Carlos Posadas. 

Pastor Jorge Vasquez preached a sermon from Acts 20:17-32 on Paul's perspective on leadership.  Brother Paul White gave the charge, expressing words of encouragement to the Posadas.  Pastor David Web presented a Bible and Certificate of Ordination to brother Juan Carlos Posadas.  Each member of the presbytery laid hands on Pastor Juan Carlos Posadas speaking a word of encouragement, praying and entrusting the ministry among Hispanics in North Little Rock to God.

The Ordination Ceremony was a significant moment in the life of the Posadas family and in the North Little Rock Mission.

God is good and always faithful, we are happy.

God bless you all!


Juan Carlos Posadas



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